God Has Everything in Control

Good morning everyone! With so much going on in the world now let’s encourage hope,peace , comfort for all of of us. Yes the covid 19 is the main news however let’s not forget babies are still being born, people are dying, divorcing, getting married, losing jobs, working from home, and children out of school.Continue reading “God Has Everything in Control”

Stay Hopeful and Connected through these times

It is very important to stay connected and hopeful through these times. Reach out and contact someone by text, email, phone, social media or any means necessary to help you get through. Some are feeling isolated but don’t feel that way. This is a temporary situation and this too will pass. Our lives have toContinue reading “Stay Hopeful and Connected through these times”

Positive Thinking In The Time of Crisis

With so much negativity around us today, we must remain stable and positive. We know that a brighter day is coming in our lives , our situations and our homes. Be not discouraged, better days are ahead. we must continue believing and hoping for the best. Reach out by phone, text or social media toContinue reading “Positive Thinking In The Time of Crisis”