Work the Plan

During these times, we should acknowledge our feelings and challenges and then make a decision to come up with a plan and move forward. I have learned that things work so muuch smoother with a plan. Stay focused and don’t quit. The key is having a balance in work and personal life. My mission is to assist others in their journey tohave a well balanced life at work ,with relationships and life as a whole. What is your mission in life?

Stay Hopeful and Productive

New day. New start. Stay safe and wise. We pray for divine protection. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you everywhere you go. Have a great day. Hold on to all of your dreams and plans for your future. You may be going through a rough time however things will get better. This may be the new reality not the new normal. Shalom Peace Love !

Just Breathe

There are alot of people who are not adjusting to the social distancing and stay at home. I would like to encourage everyone to avoid going into isolation and to still reach out to individuals outside your four walls by social media, calling on the phone or sending cards and letters. Taking a walk in your neighborhood with a family member or friend can be really refreshing. Find different ways to deal with boredom, feeling isolated and lonely. Remember things will get better and hopefully soomer than later. Shalom Peace Love!

Know Where You Are Going

If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up some place else! Yogi Berra. Where will you be after Covid 19 ? Faithful or Fearful ? Doubtful or destined to win, restore, revive! It is a matter of choice. Let this be a time to explore and do something different. Things will get better. Speaking Positively and Expecting the victory is a matter of choice. Decide today. Shalom

Adapt and Make Necessary Changes

Now is the time to reinvent, restore and refresh during these times of unexpected changes. We must step back and think of ways to recover and continue on our journey. Quitting is never and option for those with a clear vision. One thing for certain is that we must be ready to adapt and make the necessary changes to improve and reinvent. Linda P Thompson

The Day of Encouragement and Hope

Every week there is something breathtaking in the news it seems. Let’s not give up on our hopes and dreams. Let’s try to live each day to the fullest. Yes pain, worry, fear , doubt is very real. We must acknowledge and find ways to work through it. Admitting and owning our feelings is a big start. Don’t give up. Stay encouraged. These days will get better soon. Shalom Peace and Love

A Day Of Renewing

Today is a good day to refresh and renew. It is time to declutter and to get rid of any and everything that is blocking of hindering your success. Sometimes this is the mindset and sometimes it might be negative people who discourage or doesn’t support your dreams or plans. Remember your vision is for you. There may be those who doesn’t see it in the birthing stage however push forward and reach for the prize. Shalom Peace Love! Linda P. Thompson

A Prayer of Hope

Today is the National Day of Prayer. I pray that each of you will be blessed in a special way and that God will protect you, comfort,encourage, strengthen you and let you feel his love. You are not alone. He will never leave nor forsake us. His angels are all around us. Cast your cares upon him for surely he cares all about us! Let us continue to trust in the word and believe. Never give up. Stay focused! God is working things out for your good. Shalom Peace and Love!

Fear Not

It seems that fear is prevailing rampantly however we must not let our hearts be trouble. Fear cripples and makes us sick. There is good fear such as the fear of snakes . Everyone doesn’t fear snakes or running in a burning building on the verge of collapsing and that is ok. Fear strangles us. All of us become fearful sometimes however when it does we must get control of it and seek peace. Peace should be like an umpire over our spirit and soul. Find that quiet place and rest knowing that the future can be better that the past or present. Have a good day! Seek out someone to serve today with a call ,text or any means virtually. Shalom Peace Love