Wisdom and Instinct

Thought for today as the old saying goes” always follow your gut” which is our instinct,insight, that quiet little voice that say don’t do this or that , don’t go here or there, not now but later. I remember my mama use to say not now ,doesn’t feel right, the time isn’t right. Timing is everything. Wisdom is key. Shalom Peace Love!

It Cost Nothing To Be Kind

Let’s try to be kind and thoughtful each day. There are many who are not use to kindness because of their pains from the past. However it is our mission to say a kind word , or do a wonderful deed to make someone happy. A smile, a hug and a thank you can go along way. Holding the door open for someone is an act of kindness. It doesn’t cost anything to be kind. It is priceless. Shalom Peace Love.

Let Go Of Negativity

We are all humans and we have feelings that are not always good . When negative thoughts occur and they will ,we must acknowledge and let go. Most negative feelings aren’t true and is a fear of something that might happen. We should strive or replace negativity quickly with something positive. We must allow ourselves to feel however if what we are feeling isn’t beneficial we need to let it go. Shalom Peace Love!

Speak Positively and Expect Change

Albert Einstein quoted that: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” If we keep speaking and doing the same and nothing changes then we need to choose to do something different. Positive speaking brings life. It refreshes and encourages. Even though a situation looks dim and dark ,it can be turned around by our actions, words, and making wise decisions. Shalom Peace Love.

A Heart of Thanksgiving

Today let’s think of 5 things that we are thankful for none are too little to mention. I am thankful for seeing another day that i Have never seen before. I am thankful for the air that i breathe. I am thankful for my eyes that i can see. I am thankful for my ears to hear. I am thankful for my feet to walk. I am thankful for my hands to hold. I am thankful for Life. Shalom Peace Love!