Stephanie Royal

I would recommend Jealousy or Envy: Is There a Killer in You-Stop The War and Be Set Free to anyone who has experienced it someway, shape, form or if you just like to read. It is a very good book and it’s full of wisdom and knowledge of what to do and how to handle jealousy or envy when experiencing it in your life. She explains how we should pray for our enemies and how we should not pay back evil for evil but with good. And even to self check ourselves because we can also have these feelings and not recognize it. Long story short read this book to find out more it is very good. Stephanie Royal

Published by Linda P Thompson, BA Speaker Author Health and Life Coach

I empower individuals to be the best person ever by reinventing themselves and having a balance in life and work I am a Speaker Author Health and Life Coach. 27 plus years of Case management and Social Work. BA Sociology/Psychology. Love one on one and group sessions.Published Aurhor Speaker.